In this page, I will share to you on how you can invest in the Stock Market through the Premier Mutual Fund in the Philippines where ARJAY MAGPANTAY is licensed by Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to sell investment to the public since he is a Certified Investment Solicitor of Philam Asset Management, Inc and awarded as OFW ADVOCATE OF THE YEAR 2016 by Angat Pilipinas Financial LiteracyAwards.

About the Premier Mutual Fund Company:

Philam Asset Management, Inc. (PAMI) is an asset management company that administers, distributes and provides investment advisory to nine mutual funds. PAMI is a wholly owned company of Philam Life, the country’s premier life insurance company, which is a member company of the AIA Group, the largest pan-Asian life insurance group that has a unique heritage of serving the world’s most dynamic region for more than 90 years.

PAMI Management

Established in 1992, PAMI is one of the largest asset and wealth managers in the mutual fund industry with more than PhP40 Billion Assets under management as of June 30, 2014.

A major contributor to the development of the Philippine mutual fund industry, PAMI is a leader in asset management in the Philippines, managing nine funds from different asset classes for different client risk appetites.

The best fund where you can invest in the stock market is the PAMI Equity Index Fund (PEIF).


PAMI Equity Index Fund

The PAMI Equity Index Fund (PEIF) is most appropriate for investors who are aware of the risks in investing in stocks and who believe in the upside potential of the Philippine stock market. PEIF is a passively-managed fund. The goal of the Fund is to track and attempt to match the performance of the Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEi) through buying and selling the proportionate number of shares. The Fund will consist mostly of stocks comprising the  PSEi. The good thing about the PEIF, it was managed by the professional Fund Manager.

Our Fund Manager is Mr. Eduardo Banaag Jr. who is responsible for the management of the investment portfolios of PhP 68 Billion. He draws from 25 years of experience in fund management, the macro-economy, financial statement analysis and credit risk management for the Philippine market. He has established a rank #1 track record in the management of equity mutual funds. Eduardo holds a Master of Science in Industrial Economics from UA&P where he was a Scholar. These are Top 10 Blue Chip Stocks selected by our Fund Manager.



Procedures on Investing in the Premier Mutual Fund for your Retirement Income:

PAMi Retirement

1) Understanding the Prospectus

Investors in PEIF are aware of the risks in investing in stocks and who believe in the upside potential of the Philippine stock market. Investing in PEIF considers long term horizon which is more than five (5) years.

2) Knowing the Features and Risks

Earnings in PEIF is not guaranteed but history have shown that investing in the stock market gives potential higher return than traditional savings in the bank if invested in long term. Investing in PEIF is good if your investment objectives is either for your Retirement Income or for your beloved child’s College Education Fund. Since your investment is managed by our Fund Manager, management fee of ranging 0.5% to 3% will be deduct depending on the amount invested.

3) Accomplishing Application Forms

The investor accomplishes a Customer Information Sheet, Subscription Form and Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). If you are abroad or outside Metro Manila, you may download the three (3) forms and send us the signed form (7 pages) to our corporate office so we may able to review your application with photocopy of your 3 valid ID’s of SSS, TIN and Passport. In order to completely filled up the form properly, download this Sample Form as well to serve as your guide only. Here is our Corporate Address for mailing your signed application forms:

RIENZIE BIOLENA c/o ARJAY MAGPANTAY,  17/F Philam Life Head Office, Net Lima Building, 5th Avenue corner 26th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig 1634 Philippines

4) Issuing Cash or Check Payments

The investor issues cash or check payable to PSGF or PEIF and receives provisionary receipt from the CIS. The minimum investment for PSGF is PhP 20,000 and for PEIF is only PhP 5,000. After we receive your payment, we will submit the payment and your documents to our PAMI office who in turn deposit the money to our custodian bank.

5) Receiving Subscription Confirmation and Official Receipt

The investor receives by mail a Subscription Confirmation and Official Receipt from the custodian bank through the given investor’s address. The investor receives an evidence of ownership which called the Subscription Confirmation in lieu of a stock certificate which indicate the Amount Invested, Date Process, Net Asset Value Per Share (NAVPS) and number of Shares acquired.


PAMi Growing


Procedures on Redeeming in the Premier Mutual Fund:

  1. The investor accomplishes a Redemption Form and submit it to our PAMI office.
  2. If the request for redemption is received before 12:00 noon, the applicable Net Asset Value Per Share (NAVPS) is the same business day. For request received after the cut-off time, the request deemed to have received the next business day.
  3. The law provides that redemptions must be effected within seven (7) banking days from the date of request.


Thank you for investing in the Stock Market through the Premier Mutual Fund in the Philippines for your RETIREMENT INCOME or your CHILD COLLEGE EDUCATION FUND.


Feel free to contact ARJAY MAGPANTAY via or email or text 0921-9809173 for more details.

Here are the pdf downloadable link forms for you to start invest early:

  1. PAMI Customer Information Sheet Page 1-4
  2. PAMI Subscription Form Page 5-6
  3. PAMI FATCA Page 7
  4. Sample-Form-7-pages
  5. PAMI Redemption Form
  6. FAO Accounts (For Minors Only)
  7. Electronic Statement Of Account
  8. PEIF Performance as of March 31, 2017


How to view my investment online?

1. Go to PAMI website (
2. Under My PAMI Login, choose CUSTOMER to direct you to the Investor Portal Login Page.
3. Choose Register as New User.
4. For “I have a PIN”, choose No.
5. To generate PIN, provide required credentials (Folio Number, date of birth, e-mail address). PIN will be sent to your registered e-mail address.
6. Once PIN is received, go back to Investor Login Page.
7. Click Register as New User, Choose Yes for “I have a PIN”.
8. Indicate PIN generated, Assign Password, Security Question and Answer.
9. Upon successful submission, login and start accessing your online account.

For inquiries and concerns, please call the PAMI Call Center at 817-PAMI or e-mail at


How to top-up through BPI express online?

1. Log into your BPI Expressonline account
2. Under “Payments & Reloading”, click “Bills Payments” then click “Enroll all other Bills”
3. Enter your BPI ATM Card Number and Joint Account Indicator No. (found in front of the ATM Card)
4. Under “Bill Information”, select the name of the Mutual Fund (PAMI EQUITY INDEX FUND INC) as the Enrollee Merchant.
5. Enter your Folio number 600X-XXX-XXX on the space under “Reference No.”
6. Click “Submit”
7. To Fund – under “Payments & Reloading”, click “Bills Payments” then click “Pay Bills Today”
8. Under “Pay”, choose your Folio Number, enter the amount & choose your BPI account

9. To have it automated, just go to: Payments and Reloading = Bills Payment = Scheduled Bills Payment = Schedule Bills Payment

How to top-up through BPI over the counter?

1. Go to BPI Bills Payment Method
2. Enter your Reference Number (Folio Number)
3. Enter cash amount
4. Write your Name on the Deposit Slip
5. Write the account name: PAMI Equity Index Fund
6. Write the account number: 3771-010-953
7. Upon top-up, automatically credited to your account on the next day and letter of Subscription Confirmation will send to your registered mailing address in 10 working days.