What is a Mutual Fund?

A mutual fund is a pool of money collected from companies and private investors like you. It’s our goal to put the collected money in the right places so it can grow over time.

Let’s say you and your friends want a cake, but not everyone can buy on their own. What’s the best thing to do? Chip in! A trusted member from the group collects the money and buys the ingredients . And once the cake is baked, everyone gets a slice based on the amount they contributed.

That’s how simple mutual funds work! But unlike the cake you’ll eventually consume, the share you’ll get from the mutual funds is something that you can use for your future.

The key feature of a mutual fund being bought and sold based on the daily NAVPs is lost. Maybe you can come up with an analogy of how the price of ingredients change.


Why should I invest in a mutual fund?

Here are some of the reasons investing with PAMI will be worth your money and time:

Professionally Managed

Our team of financial advisors will help you choose the mutual fund that fits your needs. We will help take care of your money while you attend to your other priorities in life.


To minimize risks, the funds are placed in different types of investments. You can also get more than one type of mutual fund, depending on your goals and current financial situation.


Mutual funds can be easily converted to cash. This means you can redeem your shares any time you want.


Earnings from mutual funds are not taxable, as specified by the Comprehensive Tax Reform Package of 1998.


Our mutual funds are highly regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), deposited in a separate custodian bank, and are audited externally by a third-party auditor.


What should I know about buying and selling a mutual fund?

Mutual funds are a mix of bonds, stocks, and other financial instruments. When you buy or sell a mutual fund, you’re also buying and selling a combination of bonds, stocks, and other financial assets. Returns will depend on the condition of the markets represented by the mutual fund.


How safe is my investment with PAMI?

The safety of your investment is our top priority. That is why PAMI implements its own investment guidelines and restrictions. For example, we partner with a custodian bank to take care of the financial assets.  A transfer agent, on the other hand, keeps a timely record of your investment. To maintain transparency, an external auditor likewise keeps track of the operations while the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) closely monitors all funds.


Is there a guaranteed rate of return on my investments?

As an investor, you should note that returns from mutual funds may vary. All returns  depend on the following factors:  the amount of money you invested, market conditions, and the strategy of the fund manager.


Can I withdraw my money any time?

Yes, you can! Mutual funds have no maturity period. This means that you can keep your investments as long as you want, which is recommended especially if you have long-term financial goals. If you decide, however, to withdraw your funds before the recommended holding period, you will need to pay a corresponding early redemption fee.


Can I choose to invest in one mutual fund only?

Of course, especially if it’s your first time to invest and still testing the waters. But you can invest in multiple funds, if it fits your financial goals and risk tolerance.


How to invest in mutual fund?

You need to contact a Certified Investment Solicitor in order to find the best mutual fund fits for your financial goals. Here is the step by step procedures www.millionaire.com.ph/mutualfund.


How to view my investment online?

1. Go to PAMI website (www.philamfunds.com)
2. Under My PAMI Login, choose CUSTOMER to direct you to the Investor Portal Login Page.
3. Choose Register as New User.
4. For “I have a PIN”, choose No.
5. To generate PIN, provide required credentials (Folio Number, date of birth, e-mail address). PIN will be sent to your registered e-mail address.
6. Once PIN is received, go back to Investor Login Page.
7. Click Register as New User, Choose Yes for “I have a PIN”.
8. Indicate PIN generated, Assign Password, Security Question and Answer.
9. Upon successful submission, login and start accessing your online account.

For inquiries and concerns, please call the PAMI Call Center at 817-PAMI or e-mail at phi.philamasset@aia.com.


How to top-up through BPI express online?

1. Log into your BPI Expressonline account
2. Under “Payments & Reloading”, click “Bills Payments” then click “Enroll all other Bills”
3. Enter your BPI ATM Card Number and Joint Account Indicator No. (found in front of the ATM Card)
4. Under “Bill Information”, select the name of the Mutual Fund (PAMI EQUITY INDEX FUND INC) as the Enrollee Merchant.
5. Enter your Folio number 600X-XXX-XXX on the space under “Reference No.”
6. Click “Submit”
7. To Fund – under “Payments & Reloading”, click “Bills Payments” then click “Pay Bills Today”
8. Under “Pay”, choose your Folio Number, enter the amount & choose your BPI account

9. To have it automated, just go to:

Payments and Reloading = Bills Payment = Scheduled Bills Payment = Schedule Bills Payment

How to top-up through BPI over the counter?

1. Go to BPI Bills Payment Method
2. Enter your Reference Number (Folio Number)
3. Enter cash amount
4. Write your Name on the Deposit Slip
5. Write the account name: PAMI Equity Index Fund
6. Write the account number: 3771-010-953
7. Upon top-up, automatically credited to your account on the next day and letter of Subscription Confirmation will send to your registered mailing address.


Source: https://www.philamfunds.com/en/help-support/faq.html