8 Reasons Why You Should NOT Invest in the Philippine Stock Market

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  1. When you do not have money in these banks!

– As these banks hold your money, they usually use your money for leverage thus giving you only 0.25% per year of guaranteed interest while they earn more money in stock market. Why don’t you invest with bank shares instead of saving?


  1. When you stop shopping to these malls!

When you go to these malls and buy some products or use the services inside, they are making more money. How about investing with them, you have the chance to earn while shopping if you become a property stockholder?


  1. When you are not using your phone!

Every time you sent a message , call some-one or use internet through your phone, those companies earned a lot of money. Will you be happy if you earned as well while using their services when you hold a telecom stocks?


  1. When you stop eating to these stores!

Sometimes when we go out, these fast-foods chains is the best place to eat as they offered quick food and great service. Will you be much happier if you know that you are one of the

food stockholders of these stores?


  1. When you are not using electricity at home!

Can you afford to live without electricity at home when these big companies are not able to generate power?  Then if you think not, it is time for you to buy power shares of these corporations for you to earn while watching your favorite telenobelas.


  1. When you stop drinking water, juice, cola or beer!

We can’t live without drinking clean water, healthy juice, cola or our all-time favorite beer. Therefore it is a must that we have industrial stocks in behalf of those companies, time flies but these companies will still be there for the longest decades.


  1. When you stop buying groceries and clothes!

Groceries will be best to buy at these supermarket as they offered one-stop place for all that we need everyday. It is also a must have retail shares for we to earn as well while buying clothes to these department stores.


  1. When you stop riding a Jeep/Car/Bus/LRT/MRT!

Fuel is the most important thing in terms of transportation and whether you like or not, we need this in everyday life when we ride public utility vehicles.  Therefore, it is indeed a great opportunity to buy energy stocks as well.


Please do NOT Invest in the Philippine Stock Market if you do NOT know the Companies I’ve shared!


Engr. Rich Magpantay, CIS

Stock Market Consultant

Email: bluechipsPH@gmail.com

Phone: +63 921 9809173 

Follow: www.facebook.com/engrrich          

Website: www.millionaire.com.ph


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